mandag 5. april 2010

Three shorts from Sean...

Here's three shorts from a guy called Sean Mullens. Have no idea who he is, but I like his work and style.

BIRTHRIGHT from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

FETCH from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

EDEN from Sean Mullens on Vimeo.

søndag 21. mars 2010

Spring is finally here

Trickling water and patches of dirty snow... Spring is certainly here, and in a couple of weeks the hills will once again be ready for some shredding.

mandag 15. mars 2010

Coastal Crew - webisode 4

Mens snøen laver ned i Norge og Bergen er det ellers nokså snøsikre steder som nyter godt av en litt mer bar vinter. I Canada har vinteren vært mer snøfattig enn på lenge, noe som gjør at gutta i Coastal Crew får ekstra mange dager på setet.

søndag 14. mars 2010

Danny MacAskill filming for "Perfect Moment"

It seems that the scottish trials bike rider, Danny MacAskill keeps on breaking new ground when it comes to bike riding abilities. Here he is in a short behind the scenes video from watch26tv...

Taking it slow!

In case you feel that sunday is the day where things slow down a bit...

The Camera Crewing Company, High Speed Showreel, Phantom HD Gold from The Camera Crewing Company on Vimeo.

torsdag 11. mars 2010

Let the summer begin!

The snow's still around, but in my head: summer has already begun.
In a couple of months Anthill films will release their first/new film, Follow Me.
Here is the official teaser...

Follow Me - the Teaser from Anthill Films on Vimeo.